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Creating new products or improving upon an existing one, begins with a complete and thorough understanding of the client’s vision. Consultation, R&D services, Specs sheets, technical drawings and 3D Modeling are part of our services array.

Bridging the gap from concept to reality requires the creation of detailed support and technical documents in order to guide the manufacturing process. Available services include: Materials and Tolerances Specification, CADs and Model Generation, Interface and Design Studies.

Before entering mass production, a fully functional prototype is developed for use in proof of concept, feasibility, market study, certification, and package design. We utilize a full array of techniques including SLA, Laser Sintering, 3D Printing, Small CNC Runs.

Most products require the use of mold(s) in manufacturing, and this is an area where clients are prone to spending too much without proper guidance. In addition to your product’s design requirements, your mold will also factor in the capacity and expected longevity.

Mass Production/Manufacturing tailored to the client’s specific needs, design and budget with flexible MOQ and timing options.

Evaluation of your current manufacturing process to determine the optimum strategies for cost control, quality assurance, consistency of results, and other important considerations.

In addition to shipping your products to your customers, we also offer receiving, bundling / combining, labeling, and forwarding services.

Warehousing strategies available to suit the client’s specific needs. Full integration with various distribution channels, and fulfillment process and services. Consultation and warehousing options will be proposed.

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Micro- to mid-sized, or larger  businesses who want to introduce new products and services call us to help with their custom product development workflow because they have the support of our team, along with our network of trusted manufacturers and other industry partners. From product design to fulfillment, we join you on the path to commercial success.


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“Their ability to handle our project was unlike any I have seen before and made a dramatic increase in the productivity level of our company. Gaston and his team made sure to accomplish any given task with excellence, no matter how challenging it was. As a CEO, The LGG Corp earns my biggest recommendation.”

Joshua A. Aguilar, Founder "Earth Technologies"
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